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Our doves always return home safely.

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Doves symbolize different things to different people, so we work closely with you to personalize the meaning of your keepsake plaque that is presented in a beautiful frame and is read by our qualified staff prior to the release.

  • Our doves have performed in over 1,000 weddings

  • All doves return home safely after their release

  • Customize the release of our love doves for your wedding

Memories that will last a lifetime

Kaila's Love Doves LLC will coordinate the release of the doves on your wedding day with your photographers, videographers, and wedding event planners so your special event can be remembered forever.

Personalized keepsakes

It is said that if doves are seen on your wedding day, a happy home is assured! Book your

event today: 732-634-4471

Snow white doves

Professional, unique and memorable

Custom-tailored baskets


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