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Our doves always return home safely.

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Our trinity dove release package consists of the release of 3 snow white doves out of our chapel cage, which will live on forever in the memories of those who attend the memorial service. Our dove release is always completed with respect and dignity. A keepsake plaque is provided to the family.


The white dove transcends all cultures and traditions, signifying different aspects across each religion.

  • Christianity - symbol of the Holy Spirit and the soul

  • Chinese - Associated with longevity and peace in the next life

  • Most cultures - symbolizes love, grace, peace, and purity

Choose from a variety of release packages

Kaila's Love Doves LLC has a deluxe release package which includes a keepsake commemorative plaque that is read prior to the release of doves. A single white dove is released from a heart shaped basket by a family member at the graveside while a trinity of 3 doves is released from our chapel cage. As the single dove joins the trinity of doves they depart as a group over the horizon to begin their spiritual flight home.


You also have the option of choosing a specific number of doves that is significant to the deceased or to the family.  A keepsake plaque is provided to the family.

The perfect way to say goodbye

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Always remember your loved one

Doves at graves side

Trinity of doves



Our trinity of doves

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